A Thorough Review of
Leap Frog Online Bingo Software

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Leap Frog Online Bingo Software is a top provider of bingo software for many of the most popular online bingo rooms.

The software provided creates one of the most realistic bingo environments available on the internet today. The gaming environment created by this software is like a “virtual gaming hall” similar to any major land based casino or bingo hall.

This software is really unique. One of the features that makes Leap Frog software so unique are the characters that represent the players and the interactive feeling of the gaming hall. When you create an account, there will be a little animated character that represents you as a player in the bingo rooms and halls.

You will be able to customize this character as to the clothes you wear and more, allowing you to take on a personality you feel comfortable with. As you move around in this virtual gaming environment, your character will actually walk around the rooms and talk with others.

When you walk up to other characters (which are in reality other players) you will be able to start conversations with them. The built-in chat software will actually start a chat conversation with this other person, even if they are on the other side of the world. As you chat with others, what you say will appear as a little speech bubble above your character.

You also have the option of setting how many speech bubbles can appear as well as how long they stay in view. You can also talk to players or the chat hosts/hostesses in private if you wish.

When you are ready to start a bingo game, you walk up to the bingo room of your choice and click on the door to the room to enter. You then walk up to a table of your choosing and take a seat. You will be able to see your self at the table as well as any other players that have joined you at this particular table, much the same as any live bingo hall.

The play menu is also very easy to follow. When you are playing your cards will appear above your table. There will also be a section that shows you the current game stats such as the number of balls called, the current number, game shape, prize or jackpot and more.

The bingo card purchases are also easily done, however this is only available between games to keep with fairness. This is a rule that is similar to just about anywhere you would play bingo online or offline.

Bingo isn’t the only game that you can play at a Leap Frog Bingo Room. You can also play some pretty cool slot machines and video poker machines. Both 3 reel slots and 5 reel slots are offered as well as progressives that some times have really huge jackpots. We’ve seen some progressive jackpots climb as high as 6 figures.

As you can see, the Online Bingo Software offered by Leap Frog Gaming is some of the most unique, and most fun bingo gaming of any online bingo hall. If you have not yet experienced this bingo software, you should visit one of the recommended bingo sites, download the software and try it for yourself.

Games Offered:

  •  Customizable 3D Character
  •  Unique 3D Bingo Software
  •  3 and 5 Reel Slots
  •  Progressive Jackpots
  •  Video Poker


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